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There are thousands of freeware and shareware software directories out there. If you have your own original software you can submit your software to these directories and you will create thousands of high quality backlinks to your website. Not only will you get links but many people actually visit these sites and download the software. They are some of the most highly trafficked websites around. You do not have any software? You can download over $6000. of PLR software many with ready to sell websites for free here.

And the best part? You don't need to create an open source operating system to get your software (and link) on these software directories. You can do it yourself, but it's a really time consuming process. I recommend hiring someone on Fiverr to get the job done on the cheap.

Pad submitter is a kind of software submission software, which contains the descriptions and specifications of the software to target resources in a conventional way by building a standard data form. Such data structure permits webmasters or program librarians automating program listings. The main function of pad is to deal with a group of customers to develop target market. At the same time, it can also serve as communication software to get in touch with the individual clients on the Internet. And software developers have known this for years - a great way to obtain backlinks and boost traffic is to submit products to these sites as Freeware or Shareware. You get a backlink from the Shareware site and traffic from it.

Pad submission Service is also an effective way to build back links, which is seldom considered. That means you can get great benefits if you take good advantage of such technology. Usually, you should create a special software file named Pad file, based on the software you would like to submit to the software directories. Pad file is short for Portable Application Description in XML, containing the necessary information for websites to offer description and download information. Then you should create your specific website URL and title, which gives you the chance of generating the high quality of back links to your software website with the expected anchor text. After following the pad file submission, the download sites or software directories would show your software and you would gain the valuable back links to your own website.

These back links are very useful and would help you drive your website ranking up on the search engines, even in the top 10, since most of software directories are nature of high quality in Page Rank. As a result, your website would be visited by more and more visitors, which is helpful to enlarge your consumer base, and your software sales should be raised accordingly.

The most important step in submitting your software to download sites or directories is to create a Pad file. When creating the pad file, you should finish some tips of descriptions that shareware sites need: company information, program information, program descriptions (not being to long), web information, contact information, and help information.

What is a PAD file?

Good question - years ago, the Association of Shareware Professionals developed a standardized XML format for submitting information about your product to the various Shareware sites. It's called PAD for short, which stands for Portable Application Description. You create the PAD File using a Free program called PADGen 3, which walks you through the process of filling out all of the relevant information about your product.

Once you generate the PAD File, you upload it to your website and then you use our PAD submitter to automate the process of submitting your PAD File to over 200 Shareware sites! Because PAD enabled Shareware sites can easily read and import all of the information in your PAD File, they typically do not require any Account Registration, Logging in, CAPTCHAS or anything else.

Free online PAD file builder

You can create one free online using padbuilder.com, or as you said, hire a freelancer. Most PAD sites accept just about any type of software as long as it's functional.

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