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Gaining exposure for your blog is critical to building a following and revenue. After creating compelling copy, titles, descriptions and link strategies, it's time to list your blog in blog directories. There are many paths to building links, such as link baiting or blogroll-link swapping, but few are as easy to implement and cost effective as submitting to blog directories. And good link juice makes for a growing blog.

Listings in a vast world of blog directories enable you to muster valuable inbound links that you can build for your blog and your business

Here are some suggestions for getting included in Blog Directories

1. Have some real content

Visitors like reading original content and new topics. Sites with organized links will be included also, but if you are just trying to get people to buy something or sign up for your subscription product - don't bother submitting. Also, don't bother submitting sites with bought Adsense content - give me some indication that you wrote the posts yourself.

2. Write a meaningful description

Go all out telling the world why your blog deserves to be seen. You have a unique voice - please use it.

3. Linkback to Blog

I've figured out that the best way for me to help get attention to your blog and site is by making this site better, more visited and referred to. One thing you can do to help us all is linking to the main site and the accompanying blog. If you are paying for a review, the linkback isn't mandatory but is appreciated. Those of you in the standard queue are required to link back to Blog Universe or Blog Hacking.

4. Fill out the form below completely

Some people don't take much time to fill out the form suggesting a website. Please be complete.

5. Don't submit unfinished or offline blogs

If you're site is unfinished or if your site will be offline, wait until your blog is complete before suggesting it.

6. Multiple submissions will get you de-listed

I've had some people submit their website multiple times within a one-week period. Please don't do this.

7. Subscribe to the Blog Universe RSS Feeds

You will be able to get updated information on blog marketing, great blogging tools and site information on these sites. The feeds can be found on the Blog Hacking site at BlogU RSS Feed. And leave me a comment or just say hi!

9. Have fun writing and creating

Sites that look like the author is having fun and enjoys writing get added quickly.

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