Regional Country Directory Submission helps you target to specific country or region

Regional directory submissions are an important part of a SEO strategy, for example if your website is located in France and you only have links from websites based in the UK and USA this obviously doesn't look natural to search engines. In this case it would be considered a good SEO technique to build links from web directories based in France with smaller amounts of links from other countries.

If your business is targeted to specific country or region, our regional Directory Submission helps you achieve that goal. It is a fact that most of the online browsers and possible buyers tend to search information in their own regional language and province. This is why it is extremely important to get your website efficiently listed in specific language and country directories to attain relevant traffic. So, we do a thoughtful distribution for the countries including USA, Canada, UK and Australia

The Open Directory Project (AKA has country-specific listings in many categories, further cross-referenced to other languages for the same category. You can find potential linking sources by searching Dmoz listings for your target country and reviewing the sites in it. Dmoz has 1.9 million listings in 46 languages, besides English, from Afrikaans to Ukrainian. You can find a complete list at

You can also find possible links partners on Google by performing a wildcard (*) search for "web directory site*" using your target country extension to search. You need to filter out Google results by specifying "Google" in your query. To search for sites in Argentina, your query would be "www.web directory site:* - Google" and would produce lists of directories in that country.

Use Google Translate to find your way around results when you are not familiar with the language, but be sure to have someone who is familiar with the language check over the findings.

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