How to Convert web page url to RSS feed

If you have some blog posts/web pages/backlinks(like profile inks, articles, etc.) you want to build backlinks to or you want to get them indexed by main search engines, then this is what you should do:

  • - Make a list of your blog posts/web pages/backlinks.
  • - Create one or few blog posts with those pages/backlinks(up to 20 per blog post) on blogger or wordpress or similar free blog platform.
  • - Copy that URL or URLs.
  • - Got to and create your RSS Feed for each URL.
  • - Submit created feeds to RSS Submitter.
  • - Repeat the process for as many urls you have. Remember: the url should be of the page for which you want a feed. Often, this is not just a homepage such as but a subpage that contains (specific) news, such as

If you don't have RSS Feed, then you can create one on here:

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