Getting backlinks from submitting to Infographics sharing sites

Almost everyone in SEO knows about infographics, but I'm absolutely flabbergasted at how few take advantage of this incredibly easy link building strategy. That's because many people assume that infographics are expensive and hard to make. And they assume the infographic has to go viral for this technique to work. Fortunately for us, both of these assumptions are DEAD WRONG.

Heck, you can get a halfway decent infographic made from someone on Odesk or Elance for less than $250. In my experience, the IDEA is 10x more important than the design itself. Be creative, make something unique, and then hire a cheap designer to make it for you. You can also do it yourself using tools like Piktochart.

Once you have it ready, it's time to get the word out. Your first step is to submit it to infographic sharing sites.

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