Getting backlinks from Submissions to Audio Sharing Sites

SEOs never use audio sharing sites which is CRAZY because they're ridiculously easy to get backlinks from. And make no mistake, these audio sharing sites are PageRank powerhouses that can move your site in the SERPs.

All you need to do is create a piece of audio (preferably music) and upload it to these sites, which give you a nice dofollow link in exchange.

Even if you have as much music talent as MC Hammer you can still take advantage of this technique. Just hit "record" on your laptop mic and belt out Radiohead covers or beat-box like you do in your car.

These files aren't usually screened by people so you don't have to worry about winning a Grammy. Just record something, upload it, and grab your authority links.

Here's an example (live dofollow link):

Submissions to Audio Sharing Sites

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