Getting backlinks and traffic from Video Sharing Sites

Video marketing is a lot like article marketing. Instead of writing articles and submitting them to article directories, you are creating videos and submitting them to video sharing sites. You should upload videos because they generate traffic to your site, not because they will serve as backlinks. You should be able to get lots of traffic from the links in the description and by adding the url to the video itself in the title and credits. I believe going forward, video marketing will create new video millionaires almost on a daily basis due to the effectiveness of the response rates that watching videos now has over reading articles.

Upload your video to video sharing sites like youtube and other many sites in our submitter:

YouTube,the popular video website can also be a source of traffic for you. Its viewed by millions of people world wide. You can upload videos there just by getting logged in to your Google account and then you can edit your profile and place your website URL there. Also you can create a video for your website or products and upload it at YouTube Do comment on other YouTube videos so that your profile gets more popular over YouTube. Try to get subscriptions there and you will surely get bunch of visitors from YouTube.

Build backlinks to a YouTube video to increase the video's ranking in Google video searches. Your video receives a backlink whenever someone embeds the video in his blog or even links his readers to it. Most videos receive a certain number of backlinks regardless of what you do or don't do, but getting large numbers of backlinks requires initiative on your part. Avoid paying for backlinks, which is not only a waste of money but may result in your video being blacklisted in Google searches.

Instructions for getting traffic from video
  • Optimize your video for YouTube searches. Include a concise description that includes words describing the video, a description that explains the video in greater detail and tags that address keywords YouTube users searching for the video might use. If large numbers of users find your video through YouTube itself, it is easy for them backlink to it.
  • Send out bulletins to your YouTube subscribers whenever you upload a new video. Click your username in the top right corner of YouTube, select "Channel" and then "Post Bulletin." Inform your subscribes that you've posted a video, and include a description of the content and why it's important for them to click.
  • Post the video to other social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition to exposing the video to people that might not be part of your YouTube network, placing a link to the video on one of these sites increases the chances of it going "viral," or being rapidly passed from person to person.
  • Contact owners of blogs and sites that pertain to your video's content to ask them to link to your video -- but don't beg or demand. Rather, send short, cordial emails emphasizing how your video bolsters the site's content and would appeal to readers of the site.

3 steps to creating backlinks through videos are:
  • Sign up for the video website and enter information about your website in your website profile.
  • Post funny, shocking, or informative videos that have to do with your website. make sure to use software like Camtasia to edit the video so that it includes a branded watermark (An example: BigBadBully: Teach Your Dog To Sit).
  • Make sure to also post your videos to your blog or website with added text.

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