Directory Submissions is still the best Tool for getting Traffic and high ranking

Are you looking to increase the popularity of your relevant links or simply build traffic? A common opinion of directories today is that they are quickly becoming an outdated tool. Personally, I believe the people who have that opinion are likely to be those who don't know how to utilize directories correctly. There are few reasons people may be suspicious when it comes to submitting to directories these days. First of all, Google is getting smarter each day and is quick to recognize duplicated content. If Google suspects submissions to be paid linking, the search engine will pay less attention to the link, therefore decreasing the links opportunity for decent PR and traffic gain.

Free general directories is the most common and the most versatile type of web directories. Free general directories have a lot of categories and subcategories. In contrast to niche directories you can submit to free general directories website of any topic. Exceptions are usually adult sites for which there exist adult directories. Many of oldest and respected directories are exactly general directories. Submission to free directories is one of the most popular, free ways to improve SERP of websites.

Directories can be beneficial for SEO if those using them know what to look for. Before going into the areas that should be avoided, it is important to know how directories can help. Directories can increase page rank and search referrals. Most importantly, the more you get your link exposed, the higher the chances are of receiving traffic. If a directory, like a link, is sending you traffic then there is no reason that Google or any other search engine should devalue their links. Directories will only benefit you opposed to hurting you unless of course the link is submitted to an awful directory. Avoiding bad directories is simple once you know what to watch out for.

Stay away from Directories with the following:
  • Link Farms - a link farm is any group of web sites that all hyperlink to every other site in the group.
  • Bad directories will lack in substance. By this I mean there will likely be many categories and very few listings within each category.
  • Some directories will often notify you of a reciprocal link request. A request is fine but if a directory demands a reciprocal link, you will not want to use it.
  • Concentrate on recognizing spammy content such as pharmacy and casino linking, especially in the sidebars of the directory.
  • If a directory is lacking in quality links then its very likely the links are not being indexed.
  • The best directories are careful when deciding the content they will allow to be submitted.

Types of Directory
  • General - accepts a variety of websites and have large category selections
  • Regional - accepts general and niche submissions and have large category selections specific to an area
  • Niche - only accepts links which fall into the website niche
  • Blog - accepts general,regional or niche but only if they are blogs

General Submission Information and Rules
  • Premium links are shown above the regular links.
  • Both premium and regular links are permanent, with the listing fee for premium listing is a one-time payment.
  • Take care to write good quality descriptions. Submissions that contain errors, bad grammar, or similar will delay approval.
  • Do not submit links to affiliate programs or web sites that only contain affiliate links.
  • Do not submit mirror sites. Mirror sites are sites that contain identical content, but have altogether different URLs.
  • Do not submit links to pornographic sites or web sites that have links or banners that lead to pornographic web sites.
  • Do not submit sites that are still under construction.
  • Do not submit link redirect pages such as "" or "". These redirect sites are very busy and frequently fail to complete the link causing an overwhelming number of reports of "Broken Links" for sites that are properly functioning. Submit the direct link to your web site only to ensure the best web surfing experience for visitors.
  • Sites titles and descriptions must be in English.
  • Use proper case for significant words in the title. Capitalize the first letter of each sentence in descriptions, as well as proper nouns. Submissions that contain fields in all UPPER CASE or all lower case will not be accepted.
  • Homepage and inner page submissions are accepted, as long as they are submitted to an appropriate category.

Reasons Why Submissions Are Not Approved
  • The description and or detailed entry consists mainly of keywords. 99% of unsuccessful submissions are because of keyword listing. A carefully written description is of utmost importance.
  • Only submit top level domains - sub domains are not accepted.
  • Only submit your homepage - do not submit sub-folders.
  • Inappropriate CAPITALIZATI0N of words.
  • Including product pricing and special offers. These are subject to change and are therefore not accepted.
  • Excessive or incorrect punctuation.
  • Exclamation marks in the title.
  • Repeated & excessive use of exclamation marks!
  • These punctuation rules apply to all other punctuation if used inappropriately or incorrectly.
  • Words such as "cool, hottest, best (best in the world), unbeatable, ultimate, top, largest, your only source" & other such terms of similar meaning.
  • Use of pop-ups and pop-unders.
  • Excessive opening of new windows when browsing.
  • Submissions via email are not accepted.

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How to Suggest a Site

  1. Find the correct category for your site. Browse our site and find the best category for your website
  2. Click "Submit Site". You'll find the link at the top or bottom of the link results.
  3. Fill in the information about your site. Follow the instructions listed and submit.

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