Backlinks from Question and Answer Sites to your Website

You can Get unlimited backlinks from question and answer sites to your Website. This is very importance of Question and Answer backlinks in SEO. I am sharing a huge list of question and answer sites to create unlimited backlinks.

From this question and answer sites you can get backlinks very easily and this backlinks are not consider in black hat or spam Question and answer sites, like Yahoo Answers, are great for dropping links to your website or blog. Whenever you ask or answer a question, make sure there's a link in every question and answer you post. Once one achieves level 2 status or higher at Yahoo Answers, one can put relevant live links into the resource box. From this site list most of sites provide reference area and you get backlinks from this area. Question and Answer is most way to find your data into search engine because most of people search "How to get backlinks?" Like this terms searches in search engine.

If you get backlinks from question and answer sites than your site will get rank in first page. The only problem with Question and Answer sites is that you will have to spend a large amount of time answering questions before you can even start building backlinks.

But in the end it's worth it because Q&A sites are generally the first result in Google for questions. If you're willing to spend the time answering questions, then I'd definitely say go for it!

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