Get free contextual backlinks from do-follow Web 2.0 websites and blogs

Below is a long list of high PR Web 2.0 websites at which you can create a blog to get do-follow links to your main website. To earn the most from these Web 2.0s, first create blogs there, then build some backlinks to them so they will get indexed in search engines and then link back from these blogs / websites to your main site. It is the best practice to maintain these Web 2.0s so they will boost ranking of your main site effectively.

Contextual backlinks are also known as "in content text backlinks" meaning that you have a piece of text (usually anchor text) that links back to your website somewhere in the content.

The great part about contextual backlinks is that webmasters can use them to target various other keywords. The truth is that Google and most of the other search engines use the actual text that links to your site to add authority for that particular phrase. For example if you have your backlink with the anchor text "contextual backlinks" you are likely to have a little more authority and a higher rank when someone searches for contextual backlinks.

In reality contextual backlinks allow you to choose what keywords your website has credibility for and all you have to replace the "Click here" backlinks that were so common in past times with a sentence containing your keyword and link.

Backlinks work well if they come from relevant websites. Meaning that Google considers the relevancy of backlinks first, the quality comes later, and the quantity undoubtedly comes at the last. So you need the backlinks from relevant websites. Suppose if you have a software blog, then a backlink from a PR4 software website is healthier for your blog than another link coming from a PR7 music website. It means that the bulk paid backlinks will not do much in improving your website's PR. It is another case that you may get more referral visitors by those services, but you don't need this, if you are looking for long-term success, as your visitors will disappear soon after your subscription for those paid services expires. All you have to do is, go for building the links by your own, i.e. visit high PR blogs, forums and websites which are related with your one and then build links there by commenting, guest posting and other means on that websites.

There are many resellers of backlinks in the market which give you bulk backlinks. They claim to give high PR backlinks on low costs. But remember always, never go for those services to build links to your website.

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